About Us

For most of my early foodie years, I used to only go to restaurants that were reviewed by magazines and papers – the food was usually good but not super unique and I felt that there was a lot out there that people just didn’t get to try – a lot of small, family run restaurants with food from various cultures that could potentially be phenomenal.

Three years ago, I decided to crowdsource suggestions for restaurants that most reminded people of the food their families cooked for them, or that most closely resemble food from wherever they consider their roots. I combed through the results from my survey and decided to give them a try. As I discovered new and delicious restaurants I also decided I would wander around neighborhoods trying small plates at various restaurants in search of something that blew my mind. Through this process I realized there were so many incredible hidden gems with food I had never tried before, some of which have become new favorites. I started this blog so that I could share these incredible and often not-written about restaurants as people are seriously missing out on the love of these people through their food, culture, and the kind of authentic expertise you don’t get from culinary school.

There are restaurants that were recommended that didn’t fit my bar – if the food was burnt, undercooked, dry or just didn’t taste great compared to other restaurants of similar style I don’t include them here. This blog is meant to be a positive place to find amazing food experiences – and of course you may find that you don’t feel the same way about these restaurants which is fine – these are my favorites and I just hope that if you happen to find something you end up loving in this list then thats great!