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A year ago, I discovered the concept of savoury oatmeal while browsing through breakfast posts on Pintrest. Since then I’d been keen to try savoury oatmeal but got lost in the fantastical world of breakfasts from different countries. One half of us loves eggs and coffee for breakfast and the other half of us loves fruit, pancakes and juice. One day at work, while deciding what to eat for breakfast, I decided I’d go all out and make savoury oatmeal for the first time – using just a microwave, egg, oats, salt, pepper, avocado and sriracha. It was glorious, mind-blowing, and addictive. Since then, I’ve been making savoury oatmeal at work and blowing the minds of my coworkers who’ve never heard of it. Sharing my love of different, amazing food is what led me to share both my home creations and the delicious restaurants we find in our adventures. Our first few adventures have been inspired by the creative input of online communities in Vancouver with amazing restaurant suggestions that we’re slowly but surely eating at and our taste buds are loving it. We hope you enjoy our adventures and create many of your own.

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